Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Day at the Park

Likes and Dislikes

It's been a while since I've updated on Chatham's favorite things....and some that aren't so much...

He LOVES pretzels, milk, Popsicles, slides, jumping off his step stool, flushing the potty, shutting things (fridge, drawers, doors), being read too, and being outside.

Chatham will ask several times a day for us to sing "Da Bus Around" and knows most of the phrases---- up and down, open and shut, beep-beep-beep. He also can sing his ABC's but normally starts at F- skips Q- and ends on Y. He can spell his name "C-H-A-C-H-A-C-M"

He HATES swings, tomatoes, mushrooms, timeout, using his potty, and being by himself.

We are in another eating rut. Breakfast is fine and he will eat his weight in cereal any time of day.....Lunch is only eaten if it's fruits....and dinner is hit or miss- tonight he ate 7 bites of carrots and refused to eat ANYTHING else.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcoming a new friend!!

Betsy and Andy are new parents!!! They adopted a BEAUTIFUL little girl, Cora, from China in January. We finally were able to schedule playgroup so we could meet our newest friend.

Chatham got a good view of the park from Daddy's head and went down every slide he could find.

Harrison joined him on a few as did Cara.

Cora, however, preferred going down with her Mommy and Daddy.

After a stroll around the pond, we headed over to the picnic area for lunch. PB&J's, trail mix, pasta salad, and girl scout cookies- YUM!

Chatham was breakin' it down and Phin was showing us his ball skills

The boys looked like they were up to no good, so we headed down to feed the ducks.
Cora LOVED the ducks, Harrison was waiting for them to attack, and Chatham just kept quacking!

Finally, we got in a bit more sliding, and Suzy and I even participated.

And let's not forget the lessons one can learn at the park......
You know those websites of what people wear to Walmart??? Well, here is my What people wear at Lakewood Park......

Good to know they have security...
Wonder if she frisked this cowgirl for weapons??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here comes the sun......

Just as I had hoped the sun has stayed out all week!! We have enjoyed wearing our sunglasses and even a short sleeved shirt here and there!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Chatham loves to play Ewt-side! And it's been SO cold lately we just haven't been able to. But not this weekend!

We pushed around the stroller....

We played some basketball and went down the slide....

Oh the joy of the outdoors! Hopefully this weather will keep up and we can play outside some more!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, from the Donley's!!!!

Chatham has been asking to wear "da actor" for a few weeks now- and today was the day!!!!

This weekend we had a Valentine at Kidzu in Chapel Hill- it took quite a long time (I think Chatham has my A.D.D) so we made one and thought we'd share it via blog so everyone can enjoy it. (Ali and Curly got the real deal!)

Chatham picked out some ever so masculine Monster truck, Dump truck, and Motorcycle valentines as well as Jolly Rancher Suckers and Oatmeal Cream Pies for his class party today.

Chapel Hill Day Trip

This weekend we went to Chapel Hill to see Ali and Curly who were visiting Mariah.
We had a blast cruising Franklin Street and seeing the sites

We started out at Morehead Planetarium. Ali and Chatham checked out the hands on exhibits and even got a feel for how cramped it is to site in a spacecraft.

Ali and I posed with James Polk (which Devin cut off in the picture) before watching the Science Live show! Chatham did great and sat (quietly!) for nearly 15 minutes watching moon sand, silly putty, and a coke can explosion.

Then we headed down the street to Kidzu- a children's museum.
Chatham whipped us up some eggs and apple pie in the kids kitchen.
We waited patiently for our meal and then went on to make some valentines.
Over all it was a GREAT day- and Chatham was asleep before we made it to I-40!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cara turns 2!

Cara turned 2 on 2-2...

Her party was the weekend I came down with the flu and Devin already had plans to be out of town, but luckily my mom was available to take Chatham so he didn't miss out on the fun.
The kids enjoyed several large blow ups and jump-jumps. Chatham enjoyed the ride-on toys better than the BIG slide, but he gave it a shot.
He enjoyed his ladybug cupcake- and even looks a little concerned that he had to stop eating for a picture- haha.....That's my boy!

I love that Chatham and Cara are such good friends! He even gave her a BIG birthday hug!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Cara!!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I know I've been slacking in the blogging department, but between the flu (for Carrie) and an upper respiratory infection (for Chatham and Carrie), we haven't been doing a whole lot of anything.

Chatham has been dressing up around the house- he loves hats and dad's ear protectors. He did go to Cara's birthday party and as soon as I finish stealing Suzy and Lisa's pictures from the party (since I didn't get to go- thanks flu- and thanks Gram for taking C!) I will post them for all to see.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wacky Tacky

Today is wacky tacky day at school. Chatham has been moved up to the 2 year-old class and they are learning about the circus.

So today Chatham sported one green sock, one orange sock, black shiny shoes, bluish grey athletic pants, a yellow long sleeved and a navy/white striped t-shirt!

We slicked his hair over to one side and cuffed his pants around his knees to show off the socks. He also was instructed to bring a circus animal to school today- Chatham was SO excited when I got Peanut (his stuffed Elephant) out of the car to attend school today.