Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ok, Ok.....

So with all the pictures just posted I can already hear you now...


Well we've had some technical difficulties and there for lost a few weeks worth of belly shots.
However we do have some from week 14 and week 18 (which is now)

Week 14...


Week 18...

Just when you thought I'd never update again....

We have had ALOT going on and haven't had a chance to fill you in on what's going on, but don't worry there is LOTS to tell and even more to show. We have done more to the nursery we got a crib and Devin put it together last weekend. Tonight we hung the letters and the room is really starting to come together!

As you can see I am WAY into personalizing, so while shopping one day we bought Chatham's first backpack....and of course, have it monogrammed....

Chatham has become MR. POPULAR these days, ALWAYS getting mail and presents.
We got the most AWESOME toy basket from Chatham's godparents Alice and Curtis with books, clothes, a singing puppy and more... (unfortunately the camera died and you'll have to wait to see the pictures)
Chatham's first delivery was from Katie, catering more to Devin's likes, Chatham recieved what I am sure will be the first of many Panthers outfits

Also, while out on another of many shopping trips with my friend Ashley she got Chatham some goodies too. That's right- they're little bulldozers and KHAKI OVERALLS!!! (a reminder I LOVE overalls on babies!!!)

I think this little boy won't ever have to wonder just how much he is loved!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

while we're waiting....

Well I am having some trouble uploading the new belly pictures, so here's a cute little something while we wait!

As you remember we asked the computer to predict what our child will look like as well as it's gender. Well we corrected the gender and asked again what our little one will look like and her is a peek at our future......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chatham Reid Donley!!!!!

Here we go, we got to see Baby D for the last time today- from now on we will be glancing at Chatham, our beautiful baby BOY!!!!!!!

So it's not the best quality but here's your proof..... It's A Boy!!!!!

It was a little hard to tell at first, I think we might have a shy one on our hands. But after a little poking and prading, boy did we get a show.

And from the looks of things Chatham is a lounger, he was laid back having a ball. His hands were waving and he was doing summersalts as he floated around but he seems very chill!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Second Trimester!

Here we are at Week 14 (as of tomorrow)! So what we're told is that the nausea and fatigue should start to subside!! (HOORAY!!!) The hunger will stay the same for the most part, presistant- and the potty breaks will continue to be every 10-20 minutes.
On a VERY happy note- we're going to a bridal shower tomorrow at Catawba Women's Center (my dr. office). One of our good friends who happens to work there is getting married this month. ( YAY AMANDA!!!) So, anyway- while were there we figured we might as well take a little looksey to see what's going on on the inside. Hopefully Baby Donley will be rather active tomorrow and let us know if it's a boy or girl.
From the poll that we've taken it is popular opinion that this baby is a girl. But Devin is still holding strong for a boy. We'll let you know tomorrow. We should know about 5:15; but we won't be able to post until after the shower. Sorry to make you wait!!!!