Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Sunny MLK, jr. Day

Harper has LOVED her birthday present. Paul and Devin built her a dress up box and we got her all kinds of cool stuff to play with- wands, crowns, bags, boas, tutus, and princess dresses!!

On MLK day we were all off and spent as much time inside as we could, but it was SO pretty that we needed out! There is a new park in town and it is SO sad that we have this park (because Zahra Baker was abused and murdered) but it is SUCH a neat park and a great tribute to her.
 We picked up Lauren to give her Mom and Dad some time to get some house projects done. Tina and Hannah were needing out too, so they met us at Zahra's Park.
 This park was AH-mazing! They had SO many things to do, and it was so big it didn't even seem crowded. There is lots to climb, spin, swing and slide.
 Of course they HATED when I would make them stop long enough for a picture. But as soon as it clicked they were gone again. They talked to whole way home about how much they liked the park. The BIGGEST hit was the slide- it is HUGE!
 Harper would crawl up the side of the hill (instead of taking the stairs) to get back to the slide- she LOVED it. and it is pretty fast! They had all sorts of orbs and twisty turny things that I don't even know what to call them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harper's Life at Daycare

Harper LOVES daycare!!! Her teachers LOVE her too!!!! I love that they send me pictures of all the fun she has throughout the day!

Today they had a birthday party for Harper! I brought the cupcakes, but the decorations were all them!!! ALSO, Miss Lo-Lo (as Harper calls her) fixed her hair! I love her little sprig!

She is always so happy in the pictures and I love that she gets to play her little heart out while I'm working! 

 And who needs toys when you can crawl through the "tunnel" under the cribs!!

I am so sad she'll be moving to the toddler room in a few weeks- I just LOVE her infant teachers!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Harper turns one!!!

 Friday night Devin took Chatham to Monster Jam in Charlotte. Chatham was IN HEAVEN! Gravedigger was there! And his friends Thrasher and Monster Mutt (he was a huge hit). Chatham talked about the dirt bikes as much as he did the trucks. I am so glad he liked it!!
 Chatham went to Monster Jam as a treat because the rest of the weekend was all about Harper!!!! Saturday we had her Harper in One-derland party! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.
 We made Mad Hatter crafts and rode laps on the ride-ons.
 Harper's teacher Mrs. Shelley made her this cute tu-tu to wear, so in true girly-girl fashion we had a wardrobe change at the party.
 Paul made DELICIOUS cupcakes and a smash cake for Harper. I remember having to help Chatham with his smash cake, but Harper dug right in.

 I painted my old high chair pink, white, purple, and green for the occasion. It turn out really cute.
 Harper was worn out after her party and slept like a baby that night- waking up a toddler is hard work!!
Sunday, Harper's actual birthday, we just hung around the house and opened some gifts. Devin and Paul made a dress up box (pics to come) and Don and Celeste brought over a CUTE heart outfit for Miss H! Paul brought over the redneck truck to help Devin paint the shed he got for Christmas and Chatham, Hannah, and Lauren thought it was their own monster truck!!
Happy Birthday Harper Annabeth!! You have made the last year SO fun!! I love being your Mommy!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's always something

Harper said good by to 2012 and also to bottles and formula!  Hello turning 1, drinking whole milk and toting around a sippy cup!
 I love piling up on the couch to read our night-night stories. Harper is starting to sit a bit more still while we read. But she only lasts through one book- where Chatham begs for three or four each night.

 With Harper's party plans in full swing I have been making LOTS of trips to Hobby Lobby and have started dragging Lisa and Lauren along with us. The kids had fun foam fighting in the craft aisle!
One thing I LOVED about this Christmas break was going out to eat with the neighbors. We made  it to Mellow Mushroom, Backstreets, and Outback!!! YUM! I am going to go broke and get fat if we keep this up! Here's to New Years Goals!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking Back and a Fresh Start....

Did you think I had given up on blogging? To be honest, I thought about it. But being able to look back and see in chronological order so much of what 2012 held for us- I thought I'd stick it out for 2013.
I mean who doesn't love looking at these little angels!! Chatham and Cara had speaking parts in this years Christmas play. Their class did a salute to military and had soldiers and angels. "To Shield You From Harms Way" is what Chatham had to say and he did GREAT!
There were lots of parties this season- the Cavin's Christmas party, our neighborhood get together, Max's dinosaur birthday, Caden's bowling birthday, and the kiddos had classroom parties that Devin and I both got to attend this year, it was lots of fun!

 We played LOTS of dress up!

 For a Christmas/Birthday present Harper got her ears pierced and she didn't shed a tear!! It's amazing what security Daddy brings. She was  happy as a lark the second she was in his arms! It turned out to be a neighborhood affair, because we ran into Celeste while we were waiting to get them pierced and then right as we finished up the Mingus' came in to get their nieces ears pierced.

Hannah came with me to get the kids from daycare on Dec. 31st and then we had a New Years Eve ice cream date! Tina shared her oreo sundae with Harper and she was in HEAVEN!!

We rung in the new year at the Cadwallader's for the 3rd year in a row, but we were so busy having so much fun not a single picture was taken!