Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cell Phone Picture Dump

Here are the pics from my phone to show what we've been doing this past week.
There was a party!

A trip to the doctor for both kiddos!

And Harper's first real bath!

Full stories to come soon....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Art of Giving

Nobody knows how to give the perfect gift like a sibling... This pregnancy my sister got me a GREAT diaper bag- I planned on using the same bag I did for Chatham, but my sister KNEW I needed this other bag! Well Harper is already carrying on the art of giving.

Harper came with a bike! Chatham was exstatic- after some close inspection, the bike is a keeper.

Luckily it has been unseasonably warm for January, and Devin was able to take Chatham to the park to learn to ride.

Other than a fear of hills, going to fast, the ducks flapping to close and the dog that was about a mile away- he did GREAT!!!

And don't worry- Chatham got Harper a few books with his Barnes and Noble gift card he got at Christmas. So they are both benefiting for the giving gene!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pictures Galore!

Harper is such a great baby! Not a spitter-upper like her brother; a laid back personality and already likes to coo at her daddy and brother!
Did I mention how alert and photogenic she is. It's amazing. My heart is just bursting with joy for this little angel!

Chatham has had lots of visitors over this week and loved showing them how to hold Harper.

Lauren was a natural and loved holding her....

Cara on the other hand wasn't so sure...

Harper is a great sleeper and likes her hands to be free- this picture is identical to one I have of Chatham, when I have time to get it off the desktop I will post them together.

I don't know if I mentioned this before- but Lisa and several others sent us this picture. The Chic-fil-a in town had "Welcome to the World Harper" on the sign all weekend the 13th-15th. I am pretty sure it was for the other Harper born on the 12th; but for now we're not telling Harper anything to take away her stardom!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Harper Annabeth has joined to world!
What a sight it was....

We got to the hospital at 5:30 Friday morning and were prepped and in the OR at 7:30.
7 lbs. 10 oz., 20 1/4 inches long- a head full of black hair and dark eyes. She is SUCH a beautiful baby!!!

Harper is so tiny, even though she weighs nearly a pound heavier than Chatham did at birth, and I just love to snuggle her.

She is a great sleeper and is breastfeeding like a champ! Now we just wait for my milk to come in and hope it continues to be smooth sailing.

Pictures of Chatham and Harper are yet to come, he was not thrilled with the hospital experience and the only pictures we got of them meeting are on my phone (or one with her feeding and not visible int he actual picture).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We watch a lot of football at our house and anytime a game is on Chatham can be found standing in front of the TV yelling "Come On Cam!!!" (Devin is a BIG Panther's fan andhas pep talks with Cam Newton often) We have to tell Chatham often that Cam isn't playing in this particular game and then he starts yelling "Down, A Set, HUT HUT."

Driving to school Monday we were turning to drive through downtown (also the way we go to Gram and Poppy's house) Chatham looks out his window in the direction of their house and says "Grrraaaammmmm, where arrrre you? I do not see her, is she far away?"

Chatham is VERY eager for Harper to come (as are all of us) but he talks to her often telling her she needs to come out and play, or just saying "hey, you still there." Last night he got REALLY close to my belly and said "Sister! it is time for you to listen and come out now, 1-2-3, ok then you can go to timeout"

Chatham's pat answer when asked what he did at school will start off with "I did not hit my friends"- always good to know, but he's never had an issue with hitting his friends, so I don't know why he feels the need to reiterate that point.

I absolutely love this kid!!!! I can't wait to see what Harper is like, and how they interact with one another as she grows! These are going to be the longest 2 1/2 days ever!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A look back at 2011

January: Snow day!
Feb- Cara's Lady Bug Birthday Party

March- Chatham's Ice Cream Social Birthday Party

April: Thomas' Party at the Park

May- Moving to the new house!

June- Dressing up for a dinner out with Gram, Poppy, Aunt Ma'am and Uncle Grump, and Ali!

July- Sunday School Pool Party; Chatham mastered the diving board this year!

August- Nevin Park with the Cadwallader's- Last hoo-ra before school started back.

Sept.- Cousin Jack was born, the big boys took a walk to the lake when we visited him.

October- HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Chatham the dog!

Nov.- another trip to the park with Thomas, Poppy, and Uncle Ben while the turkey cooks.

Dec.- getting all clean, ready for bed so Santa will visit!!!!

I can only imagine all the pictures that will be taken in 2012!!!! A new model to shoot- and lots of three year-old fun!!!