Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Boy Bed

It's been 4 days now in Chatham's big boy bed! He's doing great. We pile him in with his constalation turtle (which must be off) and three Elmo dolls then he's good to go.
Night 1 went well- C slept through the night and never left his room. He was however UNDER his bed when we went to wake him up the next morning.
Night 2 was easier than night 1. We read a new Llama Llama book and Chatham covered himself up and we never heard a peep. Devin went in to check on him that night around 2 AM because we were having terrible storms and aside from his head handing off the edge of the bed he was still in!

Backet bawl

Chatham favorite thing to do these days with the beautiful weather is to put on his shades and play "backetbawl otside" (that would be basketball outside)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Fun Friday

Last Friday was Good Friday and Devin and I were both off work- Daycare was closed and it was a bit rainy outside, so what better way to spend the day together than going to Bo's Family Fun Center!

We went bowling and all though Chatham looks like he's not enjoying himself, this is what he did every time he went to pick up the ball...

He would walk to the ball, reach for it, turn to me and say "Cheese Mommy", and then pick up the ball and take it to Devin-

So maybe I have taken one too many pictures of C!!! But how can you not when you're model is SO cute!!!

Whack-a-mole as I knew it has now become 'hammerhead"- but whatever you call it, Chatham LOVED it! He was also surprisingly good at it. He played it twice and earned enough tickets to pick out a mini football.

What a great day as a family, we will definitely be going back soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gram's New Golfing Buddy

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

The Easter bunny came before church Sunday and left Chatham all kinds of goodies!
Elmo eggs full of candy, big boy underwear, a mickey dry erase board, and more sticker/coloring books- but most importantly don't forget Mrs. Willie's Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg!!
We tried taking some Easter pictures at Gram and Poppy's after church- but this was the best one we got (HA)

Luckily, we were able to bribe Chris to stay after church service and take out picture with the beautiful Cross and flowers

Working our way backwards through the weekend- Saturday we went to the Cadwallader's for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and cookout.

Chatham and Cara mastered the art of the seesaw, with much help from Harrison- Chatham LOVED it, but he still freaks out if you put him on a swing.

The hunt was great! Lots of eggs and great treats in them. All the kids were able to participate this year.

At first Chatham would just point to an egg say "I see it" and then move on the "find" another one. Devin helped explain that he needed to pick it up and put it in his basket.

Here are the kiddos trying to be patient before digging into their loot!

Poppy's Tractors

So Poppy doesn't actually own a tractor, but you wouldn't know that by going to there house right now.
The City is putting in a new water line (much to my parents dismay) and there is dirt everywhere!

And where there is dirt, there are tractors....

And where there are tractors there is Chatham!

Poppy was explaining that these are new water pipes- so of course Chatham wanted to see the WATER!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Easter Post and Big Boy Bed Pictures coming soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Cousin T!

The first weekend in April we went to Jordan Lake in Durham to celebrate Thomas' birthday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new love...

My new love is actually an old love that has come back into my life. It never really left I just moved 30 minutes away and couldn't visit as much as I would have liked....but now I'm back (or will be back in a few weeks).

What is this love you're asking......


I will be a mere 10 minutes from the store! And have already been there twice to get some goodies for Chatham's new big boy room and my entry hall table (yes, I am aware that I haven't even moved in yet!)

I just had to share- as I am SO excited to have my old friend near again!

And what is a Donley Blog Post without a picture of our STAR!

Here is Chatham with his best buddy, Cara, on "dress as your favorite storybook character" day at school- Chatham took "Elmo Goes to The Firehouse" with him.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011