Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new love...

My new love is actually an old love that has come back into my life. It never really left I just moved 30 minutes away and couldn't visit as much as I would have liked....but now I'm back (or will be back in a few weeks).

What is this love you're asking......


I will be a mere 10 minutes from the store! And have already been there twice to get some goodies for Chatham's new big boy room and my entry hall table (yes, I am aware that I haven't even moved in yet!)

I just had to share- as I am SO excited to have my old friend near again!

And what is a Donley Blog Post without a picture of our STAR!

Here is Chatham with his best buddy, Cara, on "dress as your favorite storybook character" day at school- Chatham took "Elmo Goes to The Firehouse" with him.

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