Monday, April 29, 2013

What a weekend!

 Harper had a rough weekend (as you can tell by the dark circles under her eyes)- she got two more teeth, molars. We tried to keep her happy and played outside in the sprinkler. Jean Marie was babysitting a little boy Chatham's age, the boys had fun playing outside and we even took a golf cart ride.

Devin has decided we need a dog, so we went to a few local places to look around, we found Shadow...she was SO sweet and already trained. Chatham was the veto, he said "WAY TOO BIG". So now we're looking at some chow/lab puppies or Australian Sheppard puppies. He is VERY excited about the small dogs.
 Chatham stayed at Gram and Poppy's this weekend and Chatham hung out with Lisa and Lauren while Devin and I went to a wedding in Raleigh. My dear friend Melissa got married Saturday night and it was BEAUTIFUL!
I didn't take many pictures, but if you ever get a chance to go to Shady Wagon Farm- GO!
Me and my handsome date!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something to remember-

Harper has taken a HUGE step in communication, she will shake her head no if she doesn't want something. She can really make a decision now. If she points we can ask yes or no questions to figure out what she wants!! SO exciting!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soccer Cookout

Saturday was the final soccer game- our team was AWESOME this year. Chatham and his buddy Josiah were the stars and scored 7 goals between them in the final game!!
Coach Gary invited everyone to Claremont Park for a cookout before giving out the trophies. I really liked that- last years coach just handed them out on the side line. Chatham had a ball playing with his new friends (only four kids showed up though).

We grilled hotdogs, and had chips, but the Blue Devil cupcakes were the biggest hit! 

Chatham loved Coach Gary- and even gave him two hugs and thanked him over and over for the food and coaching. He said "Thanks for being good at soccer" as we were leaving- it was SO funny!!!
 Here are all of Chatham's new friends- Josiah is next to Chatham and we will be scheduling lots of play dates soon. I think they will be BIG buds!! Curtis and Ainsley are pictured too!
This is THE ONLY time you'll hear these words come out of my mouth- - GO BLUE DEVILS!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iphone Living.....

I am dumping my iPhone pictures from the last few weeks-
Some of these have already been posted about- some I forgot we'd even done (things have been B-U-S-Y!) We finally made it to Toys 'R' Us to get Chatham's final birthday toy. He picked out a little race track town and LOVES IT!

We (the men) built a fire and made mountain pies for us after our Easter egg hunt at the Cadwallader's. I have a picture of Cara and Chatham in front (or close to) the bonfire every year since they were 1!! I love these kids!
 I took the last Friday of Spring Break off to enjoy some time with the kids. Lisa (being a teacher) had the whole week off and so did Lauren since she goes to "big school". We took them to Gastonia, and tried out a place I had heard about 'Monkey Joe's'. The kids LOVED it! It is a building filled with inflatable toys. There were five for the big kids (4 and up) and two for the little kids (3 and under). We were there for 2 hours and everyone had a blast!!! Harper spent more time on the big kid toys than the little kid toys (as long and Lisa or I went with her she was allowed to go on whatever she wanted).We will definitely be going back!
 I also convinced Devin we needed a dog. There was a CUTE picture in our local paper of a dog in need of a forever home from the human society. Its name is Amber and it hooked me- I test the picture to Devin and said "Can we?" he called me and immediately said "NO!" and that was the end of that. About 30 minutes later I got a text from Devin saying "yes"- I called him and said yes to what?? He said I think I want us to get a dog, just not that dog.... so we got on the humane society website and browsed there were a few cuties but nothing perfect for us. I talked to some work friends and got on a site for Boxers in our area....and there he was!!!! PARKS- the perfect, house trained, good with kids, black and white, five month old boxer! It was love at first sight and Devin agreed for us to go look at him that evening..... We never made it to the foster home to meet him. I got to school to pick up the kids and it went down hill from there. A toddler getting molars, a 4 year old with an attitude, everyone melting down in the car and at the dinner table. What crazy person would throw a dog in the mix!!! So here is our new dog:
 He is house broken, likes kids, and sleeps in his own bed! He's a keeper!

 The same weekend as Chatham's birthday party we took the cousins to the Science Center. I love their ages, I think everyone found something they loved!
Harper is really enjoying the toddler room at school. She is all smiles when I drop her off and pick her up. I think going outside to play is her favorite, she always goes to the far fence to say hi to Miss Wylona her former infant teacher! (Thanks for snapping a picture for me Lona!)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I haven't uploaded our pictures from before church in their "pretty clothes", but I have SO many pictures I am still sorting through them.
After Chatham's birthday party (another post on the tomorrow) we decided to jump in to the Easter festivities. We have made it a tradition to do an egg hunt at the Cadwalladers; and this is our group picture for the year- ALL kids looking at the camera (and all but Miss H smiling!!) We made mountain pies and smores and the kids jumped their hearts out on the trampoline.

 Sunday we did a more traditional Easter celebration with the Wades (minus Paul- who is in Ireland student teaching for 6 weeks) We dyed, colored, and sticker-ed eggs. 
 Harper got in some quality Sesa time! They colored while I helped the big kids with their eggs.

 We striped everyone of their shirts to ensure no messes- and I threatened that the person who spilled the bowls of dye would have to clean all three toilets! (HA!) I must say C and L did a great job and had lots of fun. We saved the final egg for Harper- but all she wanted to do was stick her hands in the dye.

Harper had had enough, and covered her ears; as the big kids danced around and showed up babies in their belly!!!! Between fits of laughter Lisa managed to snap a quick picture!