Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soccer Cookout

Saturday was the final soccer game- our team was AWESOME this year. Chatham and his buddy Josiah were the stars and scored 7 goals between them in the final game!!
Coach Gary invited everyone to Claremont Park for a cookout before giving out the trophies. I really liked that- last years coach just handed them out on the side line. Chatham had a ball playing with his new friends (only four kids showed up though).

We grilled hotdogs, and had chips, but the Blue Devil cupcakes were the biggest hit! 

Chatham loved Coach Gary- and even gave him two hugs and thanked him over and over for the food and coaching. He said "Thanks for being good at soccer" as we were leaving- it was SO funny!!!
 Here are all of Chatham's new friends- Josiah is next to Chatham and we will be scheduling lots of play dates soon. I think they will be BIG buds!! Curtis and Ainsley are pictured too!
This is THE ONLY time you'll hear these words come out of my mouth- - GO BLUE DEVILS!

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  1. Awww, I just love those first sports events and trophies! We always think it is nice to do something special for the kids at the end of the season to make it more special and usually coordinate a gathering. Sad that only four showed up, but it looks like the kids had a blast together. :-)