Friday, November 15, 2013

Sunday's are busy at the Donleys

 Sundays are a day of rest in most homes- but in my home it WEARS ME OUT!
 All of the running and jumping and yelling (at the TV) takes a toll on ya!
 But we LOVE our Panthers, and show our support win or lose.
 This particular Sunday we were SO hot that Harper thought she needed some shades!

A Beach Wedding

Amber and Weston got married in October at the Outer Banks. We took an extra day off and spent some time sightseeing as a family. It was a little cold but you always have to see the ocean when you're at the beach!

 I can't wait to take the kids next summer for the family trip- they are so excited to swim in the ocean!

 Devin walked Amber down the aisle and the kids and I got to be front row guests.

 We went to the Wrights Brothers Museum and Monument; and to the Currituck Lighthouse.
These pictures aren't great, but the ones on the Nikon turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

Over a month with no blogging.....

So I took a bit longer hiatus than expected...but I am back... I am excited...and I want to get back to documenting our family memories on the blog!
See.... we're still the same!
 It's gotten cold 30's and 40's cold!!!
 Harper's been working on her Wish List for Christmas and here is yet another shameless plug to Daddy.... I WANT A HELLO KITTY COUPE!!!!!!

  Trying on some accessories while shopping!
So this post was mainly to get back into the swing of even took me a second to remember how to upload the pictures- YIKES!