Friday, December 30, 2011


Two weeks from today I will have a little baby girl in my arms!!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas #2- the real deal

SANTA CAME!!!!!! He brought everything Chatham asked for-a motorcycle and a kitchen.

Poppy got Chatham a recordable Frosty the snowman book
The best gift of the year was the guns and holster though- Chatham loves dressing up like a cowboy and this was the missing piece. It was a very controversial topic as to whether or not guns were allowed to be toys in our house...but after months of watching remotes, utensils, phones, and Lego's seeming to make fine guns- I caved.

Chatham was quite a good boy- and Tilman (our Elf) was very good at reporting to Santa every night, so Chatham was showered with all kids of treats!
Sadly, Tilman's last night with us was Christmas Eve. Luckily, he left us a little good-bye note on the fridge.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Here comes Santa Clause....

Chatham is SO EXCITED for Christmas! His Christmas spirit is just contagious. So when he came home from school asking to sit on Santa's lap I was all for it. We had tried before to visit Santa, and even took Lauren with us to show him the ropes. It did NOT go well. But this time was going to be different- this time it was Chatham's idea.

We made it to the mall, we made it in line, we even smiled and liked pretending to be an elf! THEN it was our turn to sit on Santa's lap, Chatham ran right up to him-stopped dead in his tracks and freaked out!

Our Santa thought ahead though, and brought his dog. Chatham calmed down and managed to get close enough to pet the dog- so this years picture "with Santa" only actually includes Santa's left leg. As we were leaving Santa handed Chatham a coloring book and while backing away and grabbing the book at the same time Chatham yells over his shoulder "I want a motorcycle and a kitchen!"

Chatham was VERY proud of the fact that he "talked to Santa", he is honest and lets you know "I would not sit on him, but I DID tell him what I want."
Daycare/Misty was informed of the Santa fiasco. It is quite a humorous tale if I do say so myself. Well, Misty heard that Santa was going to be stopping to see the kiddos during their Christmas party and she talk Miss Jamie and Miss Monica that it would make this Mama very happy if they were able to get a picture of Chatham with Santa.
So, here it is.....
in true Chatham fashion he is chewing his fingers nervously, giving Monica the "Really Lady?!" look, and standing just far enough in front of Santa to feel safe! BUT- at least this picture has Santa's face in it!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas comes but once a year.....

not for the Donley clan-

Christmas comes three times a year! This past weekend was Christmas #1.

Thomas, Chatham, and Jack got showered with gifts, and the big boys were SO fun this year!

They helped everyone open their gifts- and were very eager to clean up the paper at the end of each unveiling.

We took the annual Christmas pictures- my boys on the couch and the big kids on the stairs.

Saturday, EVERYONE came over to celebrate!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What more could a girl ask for!

Suzy throw a WONDERFUL shower for Miss Harper and me!

There was no detail left undone!

I even pulled out my 'mommy sippy cup' from my Aunt Carrie when Chatham was showered.
There were TONS of gifts- the girls always got overboard! I got the sweetest silver bracelet for Harper from Big Mama!
And an awesome Celebrate EVERYTHING plate from my mom (there was a lot more in that bag- don't be fooled) Sharon (my pregnancy buddy this go round- her daughter Kaleigh is due two days before Harper's original due date) got me a paci clip that turns into a bracelet and a matching bracelet for Little H! It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen!

Barbara, my MIL, got all kinds of goodies for us, books, toys, a boppy, and some cute little outfits.

And there was food.....

Oh my was there food- I LOVED it! Spinach Artichoke Hummus, a veggie tray, blueberry muffins, Suzy's grape salad, breakfast casserole- all my pregnancy cravings of the past 8 months on one counter top. I was in HEAVEN!

Thanks Suzy and everyone else who came- I had a WONDERFUL day- and can't wait for each of you to snuggle Miss Harper!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little Bragging....

Every year I treat myself (us) to a family photo shoot for Christmas-
Every year I worry that Chatham doesn't smile, or I slouch, or will my hair look horrible...

I don't know why I worry- we always get Ashley at AshelyCarmichaelPhotography to take the pictues and she always does SUCH a great job!!!!!!

We took some maternity pictures too- and I am SO excited!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We finally got our Christmas tree....

Joe came with us and took the annual Family picture at the tree.

Harper even got her picture taken at the tree- this is week 34 (and 2 days)

Chatham loved decorating with me, he put over half of the ornaments on! Then he put on his "wing-deer" pajamas to take some pictures.

My mom came and did our out side decorations (Thanks Mama!) So now I am all set!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Alpine Village

Today we took Chatham and Lauren to Lenoir to the College Avenue Baptist Alpine Village. It was SO much fun! My good friend, Chrtystal, made these awesome shirts for the kiddos!

There was so much to do there- they got train ornaments, made gingerbread man cookies, watched a puppet show and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

They made reindeer food bags to leave out with Santa's cookies on Christmas Eve, and got to pick out a book to keep. I think the balloon snowman and candy cane were pretty high on the favorite list. Lauren said her favorite part was sitting on Santa's lap, but Chatham would have no part of that! He even freaked out just having to walk around the plastic fence next to Santa.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I think I must be growing.....

How Far Along: 33 weeks
Size of baby: Baby center says: " baby weighs a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark." But Dr. H says we need to have a growth ultrasound because he thinks she's closer to 5 lbs. now (I am measuring about 2 1/2 weeks ahead was his guestimate)
Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! and it's hard to find tops long enough to cover my tummy!
Gender: Sugar and Spice and Everything nice!
Movement: not as often, but when she moves I can feel- and see- everything! I am stretched to the max and she's out of room so any little movement I can feel.
Sleep: rare. between heart burn, leg cramps, and potty breaks I get about 2 hours at a time through the night, and have resorted to sleeping at an incline when the Zantac chooses not to kill the heartburn
What I miss: bending over, fitting between the cars in the garage.
Cravings: veggies and string cheese-I get full so fast, then I am hungry 30 minutes later.
Symptoms: shortness of breath, a few braxton hicks, but nothing major
Best Moment this week: We got our Christmas picture proof back and I LOVE them all!! Chatham and I had a mommy-son date night at home, which consisted of fish sticks, fries, and apple sauce for dinner- followed by Curious George's Christmas Special- and an icey pop! He was such a delight that night. Even asked if we could snuggle after his bath!!! I love that boy!