Friday, December 23, 2011

Here comes Santa Clause....

Chatham is SO EXCITED for Christmas! His Christmas spirit is just contagious. So when he came home from school asking to sit on Santa's lap I was all for it. We had tried before to visit Santa, and even took Lauren with us to show him the ropes. It did NOT go well. But this time was going to be different- this time it was Chatham's idea.

We made it to the mall, we made it in line, we even smiled and liked pretending to be an elf! THEN it was our turn to sit on Santa's lap, Chatham ran right up to him-stopped dead in his tracks and freaked out!

Our Santa thought ahead though, and brought his dog. Chatham calmed down and managed to get close enough to pet the dog- so this years picture "with Santa" only actually includes Santa's left leg. As we were leaving Santa handed Chatham a coloring book and while backing away and grabbing the book at the same time Chatham yells over his shoulder "I want a motorcycle and a kitchen!"

Chatham was VERY proud of the fact that he "talked to Santa", he is honest and lets you know "I would not sit on him, but I DID tell him what I want."
Daycare/Misty was informed of the Santa fiasco. It is quite a humorous tale if I do say so myself. Well, Misty heard that Santa was going to be stopping to see the kiddos during their Christmas party and she talk Miss Jamie and Miss Monica that it would make this Mama very happy if they were able to get a picture of Chatham with Santa.
So, here it is.....
in true Chatham fashion he is chewing his fingers nervously, giving Monica the "Really Lady?!" look, and standing just far enough in front of Santa to feel safe! BUT- at least this picture has Santa's face in it!!!

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