Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas #2- the real deal

SANTA CAME!!!!!! He brought everything Chatham asked for-a motorcycle and a kitchen.

Poppy got Chatham a recordable Frosty the snowman book
The best gift of the year was the guns and holster though- Chatham loves dressing up like a cowboy and this was the missing piece. It was a very controversial topic as to whether or not guns were allowed to be toys in our house...but after months of watching remotes, utensils, phones, and Lego's seeming to make fine guns- I caved.

Chatham was quite a good boy- and Tilman (our Elf) was very good at reporting to Santa every night, so Chatham was showered with all kids of treats!
Sadly, Tilman's last night with us was Christmas Eve. Luckily, he left us a little good-bye note on the fridge.

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