Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As I mentioned- We took Devin to the Crawdad's game for Father's Day! Chatham and Devin were selected as one other the father/child teams to participate in a contest.
 Here's Chatham in his green shirt waiting to climb up on the dugout, and below you can see him and Devin with the other contestants on the dugout. The came was to cheer for your color (Chatham was green) they played a video of a truck race- a blue, red, and green monster truck racing around a track. Patrick, the MC, held the microphone infront of each child and they were to yell as loud as they can. The Blue contestant yelled WHOO HOO, very softly. Chatham let out a surprisingly loud GOOOOOO! and the Red contest screeched a weird girly sounding yelp. The family sitting behind us helped be cheer on the green truck as loud as we could and low and behold- WE WON!! Chatham turned and gave Devin a BIG high five! I have the whole thing on video, hence the lack of pictures.
The prize was a free oil change for Devin, and a bag of cotton candy for Chatham! He was in HEAVEN!!
 As we were leaving the stadium we stopped for a few of the mandatory ball game pictures.

 A little out of order.... but before heading to the ball field we stopped at Sweet Frog for half price cups for Father's day- YUM! We ran into Nana who was also there getting fro-yo; so we all sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Pirates Life for Me

 Chatham loves to dress up just as much as the girls do! His current favorite is his pirate costume.
 He might have a little Captain in him! 

 Every good pirate must find a princess to spend the rest of his life with (I totally staged this).
 Watching Tarzan- Chatham has a new love for Disney movies- Tarzan and Peter Pan ranking at the top of his list!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 While at the park on Father's day we put the "three kiddos" on a bridge and snapped as many pictures as we could before one of them (Harper) ran off and another one (Maggie) laid down.
 Chatham's face in the one above is SO funny- he's like REALLY what is she doing! I can only imagine the love these two will share as teenagers!
 I had a ball editing these! There were 21 total pictures and 9 keepers. Maggie sat so still, but had a hard time looking at me with 20+ ducks all squawking under the bridge.

 Both kids are good at saying CHEESE, just not at the same time! We'll keep working on that!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our little play date and photo shoot

 I saw a cute idea on Pinterest for Father's day cards- I thought a play date with Stella would be a great time to try it out. I got some REALLY cute pictures, but never got around to printing them out and making a card (Creative Mommy Fail)
Stella's Daddy is in Afghanistan right now and he DID get the pictures in time for Father's Day which makes up for my forgetfulness, right?!?!?

 We continued our photo shoot with some dress up and tea partying.
The girls had fun! Chatham dressed up like a pirate, then a dragon- and when he pulled out the Panther's helmet Harper immediately went for it- it's here FAVORITE princess accessory- HA!

Harper and Stella had a BALL! We turned on some music and they shook their booties all over the playroom!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Devin!!!

 Father's Day was CRAZY BUSY, but all fun activities that we planned- no obligations.
 Maggie went to the park with us for some playtime and a picnic. We had two different people comment on how well behaved she is- she didn't chase the ducks, and laid in the shade with her treats and water bowl while we ate.

 Just like last time, we walked the trail down to the last play area (there are three at Glenn Hilton Park) and we were the only ones there. The kids ran and climbed and slide for a while before we walked (Chatham rode on his bike) the long pier trail over the river? creek?....water where the ducks and geese are.

 After our picnic we packed up and headed home to go swimming at Jean Marie's.

 Harper had a blast letting Daddy throw her and splash with her- she has NO FEAR and loves to be thrown up in the air and then go under the water when she lands.
We gave Devin tickets to a Crawdad's game for Father's day- but that is going to be a whole other post. Chatham got called up on the dug out to participate in a between innings game AND WON!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mommy and Son date

I took Chatham on a date Friday- our library was showing Peter Pan on the big screen FOR FREE- This was Chatham's first movie! He loved it, sat in his seat 90% of the time and ate his popcorn.
 He had never seen Peter Pan, but loved Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so he was familiar with Captain Hook. He was GLUED to the screen, and when it was over asked if we could watch it again (I think that's a sign of a good date)!
 We still have thirty minutes to kill before going back to school to pick up Harper, AND Chatham still had some money left on his Dairy Queen gift card, so we stopped in for ice cream! Chatham ordered and paid for his single dipped cone all by himself and was SO proud of his independence!!
We have another date planned in July- I am loving having Friday's off again this summer and getting some one on one time with my babies. Anyone have suggestions of mommy/daughter dates with a 17 month old??

Monday, June 3, 2013

Making a Splash!

Conover is the little town where I grew up. It never had a lot to do there. A tiny library- so everyone goes the Newton one. A tiny park- so every goes to the parks in Hickory. They recently starting having a farmers market- but it's a quarter of the size of Hickory's market.... two weekends ago they opened the new Conover Recreation Park- it's next to the new BIG library they built last year. We went to check it out and were VERY impressed!
 The parking lot was packed, so we were nervous it was goign to be crowded, but there is room for everyone! We got a quiet table until the picnic cover and ate lunch. Then the kids ran in the water and climbed ALL of the equipment.

Harper was the hit of the parent section- at least 6 people come over to compliment me on her sweet disposition and HILARIOUS bursts of laughter!

 I had all three little monkeys pose for some pictures! T hey are such good sports, and I know after two days of my camera they are ready to be rid of me!
 Harper waited on some rocks while the big kids took a potty break. Then we cruised the walking trails before heading home for naps and Daddy time (while Lisa and I shopped). 

What a fun and busy weekend- I feel like the kids got to do everything they wanted to- no time outs, no tantrums, and minimal bickering. I wish every weekend could be this carefree- but alas I have piles of dishes, laundry, and toys that need washing and picking up!