Monday, June 3, 2013

Making a Splash!

Conover is the little town where I grew up. It never had a lot to do there. A tiny library- so everyone goes the Newton one. A tiny park- so every goes to the parks in Hickory. They recently starting having a farmers market- but it's a quarter of the size of Hickory's market.... two weekends ago they opened the new Conover Recreation Park- it's next to the new BIG library they built last year. We went to check it out and were VERY impressed!
 The parking lot was packed, so we were nervous it was goign to be crowded, but there is room for everyone! We got a quiet table until the picnic cover and ate lunch. Then the kids ran in the water and climbed ALL of the equipment.

Harper was the hit of the parent section- at least 6 people come over to compliment me on her sweet disposition and HILARIOUS bursts of laughter!

 I had all three little monkeys pose for some pictures! T hey are such good sports, and I know after two days of my camera they are ready to be rid of me!
 Harper waited on some rocks while the big kids took a potty break. Then we cruised the walking trails before heading home for naps and Daddy time (while Lisa and I shopped). 

What a fun and busy weekend- I feel like the kids got to do everything they wanted to- no time outs, no tantrums, and minimal bickering. I wish every weekend could be this carefree- but alas I have piles of dishes, laundry, and toys that need washing and picking up!

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