Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our little play date and photo shoot

 I saw a cute idea on Pinterest for Father's day cards- I thought a play date with Stella would be a great time to try it out. I got some REALLY cute pictures, but never got around to printing them out and making a card (Creative Mommy Fail)
Stella's Daddy is in Afghanistan right now and he DID get the pictures in time for Father's Day which makes up for my forgetfulness, right?!?!?

 We continued our photo shoot with some dress up and tea partying.
The girls had fun! Chatham dressed up like a pirate, then a dragon- and when he pulled out the Panther's helmet Harper immediately went for it- it's here FAVORITE princess accessory- HA!

Harper and Stella had a BALL! We turned on some music and they shook their booties all over the playroom!!

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  1. Cute photo ideas for dad! I love it! And that Harper is going to be a big hit with the boys...a princess who loves football! :-)