Sunday, June 2, 2013

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Be Warned- this post is ALL pictures!!!

 We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC with the Wade's (just Mama's and kiddos!) It was SO fun!!!!
 We made it in time for the Penguins feeding- Lauren had her little camera was snapping away! Harper just liked climbing on the fake rocks.

 The big kids got to touch a Bearded Dragon (Harper wasn't old enough for zoo rules)
 Above you can see the lions resting on the ledges of the rock canyon. Below are the kiddos milking a cow- Harper was ready for her turn and ended up pushing Chatham off the stool.

 Once we put Lauren's camera up she wanted to take some more pictures, so I gave her the big camera and she snapped this shot in the aquarium- I think she's got potential as a photographer!

 I LOVE giraffes- I didn't realize how much I love giraffes until we came to the looking deck and they were RIGHT THERE! You could reach right out and touch them!! SO COOL!!

 Lisa ending up giving piggy back rides the the big kids and here we stopped to see the grizzly bear (blurry in the background- but great pictures of Chatham and Aunt Sesa!!)

On our way out we got someone to snap a quick picture of all five of us! The kids were GREAT- Harper crashed on the way home (after we stopped for ice cream). Chatham talked all night about the flamingos, baboons, cows, and smelly elephants- all of which are not pictured in this post- HA!

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