Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As I mentioned- We took Devin to the Crawdad's game for Father's Day! Chatham and Devin were selected as one other the father/child teams to participate in a contest.
 Here's Chatham in his green shirt waiting to climb up on the dugout, and below you can see him and Devin with the other contestants on the dugout. The came was to cheer for your color (Chatham was green) they played a video of a truck race- a blue, red, and green monster truck racing around a track. Patrick, the MC, held the microphone infront of each child and they were to yell as loud as they can. The Blue contestant yelled WHOO HOO, very softly. Chatham let out a surprisingly loud GOOOOOO! and the Red contest screeched a weird girly sounding yelp. The family sitting behind us helped be cheer on the green truck as loud as we could and low and behold- WE WON!! Chatham turned and gave Devin a BIG high five! I have the whole thing on video, hence the lack of pictures.
The prize was a free oil change for Devin, and a bag of cotton candy for Chatham! He was in HEAVEN!!
 As we were leaving the stadium we stopped for a few of the mandatory ball game pictures.

 A little out of order.... but before heading to the ball field we stopped at Sweet Frog for half price cups for Father's day- YUM! We ran into Nana who was also there getting fro-yo; so we all sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

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