Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Devin!!!

 Father's Day was CRAZY BUSY, but all fun activities that we planned- no obligations.
 Maggie went to the park with us for some playtime and a picnic. We had two different people comment on how well behaved she is- she didn't chase the ducks, and laid in the shade with her treats and water bowl while we ate.

 Just like last time, we walked the trail down to the last play area (there are three at Glenn Hilton Park) and we were the only ones there. The kids ran and climbed and slide for a while before we walked (Chatham rode on his bike) the long pier trail over the river? creek?....water where the ducks and geese are.

 After our picnic we packed up and headed home to go swimming at Jean Marie's.

 Harper had a blast letting Daddy throw her and splash with her- she has NO FEAR and loves to be thrown up in the air and then go under the water when she lands.
We gave Devin tickets to a Crawdad's game for Father's day- but that is going to be a whole other post. Chatham got called up on the dug out to participate in a between innings game AND WON!!!

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