Monday, October 29, 2012

Feeling Festive

 We started out the weekend with a 5K, nice and early Saturday morning. I ran with Tina, Ashley, and Don (aka our trainer).
 The Susan G. Koman race for a cure was at Lenior-Rhyne University and we made cute shirts that said WE RUN FOR THE WOMEN THAT WON and had a list of 7 survivors!!!!! I thought the feathered hair clips would make us stand out, but there were grown men in BIG pink tutus and pink afro wings everywhere- we did not stand out AT ALL! But we still had fun! Tina and I shaved another 2 minutes off our time and finished out 3.1 miles in 32 minutes!! Our next race is November 19th at the Hickory YMCA.
 Chatham was feeling festive too and pulled out his vampire teeth. Chatham isn't into masks, but thinks that wearing his hoodie makes him scary. HA!
Saturday after the race we have the Wades, Martins, and Mingus' over to paint pumpkins (I will post those pictures tonight since I used the actual camera for that event) then we went with the Mingus' to Dr. Highland's haunted barn before heading Downton for the Spooktacular.
 It was set up a bit differently this year and instead of just walking around the square and getting candy at the stores, this year there were games and big blow up decorations. So we snapped a few pictures and headed over to the firetrucks before settling on a few of the "shorter" lines to play a game or two. We hit the jack pot though- the man handing out candy was a Tarheel fan, so after one game the kids bags were already half full!!!!
Shrek wasn't so scary once Chatham saw some other kids knock him over. So he held his hand to "help him back up". Harper was there but fell asleep in the stroller and didn't get any pictures taken. The Stiver's, at Two Pink Magnolia's, did stick some candy in her bag anyway since she was dressed up.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nightly Routine

I LOVE bath time at our house- the kids love to play with all the toys!

This is a bit of a random post- but I had the camera upstairs the other night and just took some pictures to document everyday life

Chatham loves to sing Jesus Loves Me to Harper- and the bear pictured below sings Jesus Loves Me too!!

Harper was cruising around and even walked holding on with only one hand for a while. WOW- she is going to be walking SO soon- she's only 9 months old- EEK!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

More Great Wolf Pics


Bunk beds aka bump beds

Ready for the big boy slides

Big boy slides

Take that Poppy!!

Blue lips only means your having fun!

Trick or Treat bags from Gram!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Red Wolf Farm

Over the weekend we went to Red Wolf Farms to pick out our pumpkins. We did our annual trip with the Wades and Cadwalladers.
 It was a beautiful day and both kids were in great moods, it couldn't have worked out any better.

 This year there was an old firetruck, more animals and a fun maze instead of a corn maze.

 We stopped for lots of great photo ops, before heading over to the corn vats and play area.
 We picked out HUGE pumpkins and are looking forward to our annual decorating party next weekend.

 Lisa and Harper loved hanging out together in the corn!

Chatham, Cara, Harrison, and Lauren loved going up and down the big wooden boat.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

What a BIG weekend we had!!!

 We joined my parents, and sister and her boys in Concord at the Great Wolf Lodge!! We were celebrating my dad's birthday- but I think the kids just thought it was Halloween!

 Upon arrival we were issued our wolf ears and wondered around to see the sights.There were animals and forests everywhere!

We caught the end of story time on our way to the breakfast Saturday morning- and then came back after a morning of swimming to have snacks and watch the whole show.

 In the Cub Club area the October special was that every kid got to paint a pumpkin- Thomas dove right in covering his entire pumpkin in blue; while Chatham took him time painting every color of the rainbow on his pumpkin.

That night Gram and Poppy gave the kids their new trick or treat bags (full of glow sticks, markers, books, and a barbie for Harper!!) Then we travels around the lodge on the "treat trail" to gather candy from the ghouls and witches.
We had a Chef, a Pumpkin, a Knight, and a Dragon in our crew!

 Our favorites were the "pretty-good witch" and the mortician. Chatham even shook her foot!! It was supposedly one from a mummy.

We spent lots of time swimming and going down the slides, but I used my actual camera to take those pictures and will post them later tonight!! For now I am back at work and hoping to catch up on the mounds of laundry waiting for me at home.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Update

I didn't want my blogging friends to think I had hit the road! We are here, just really busy!

Harper has 1.5 teeth, is cruising and can crawl at the speed of light!! She has her 9 month appointment on Monday and I PROMISE to do a REAL update then!

Devin and I both have been running like crazy- we are doing a 10K in November- that's right 6.2 miles!! My neighbor Tina and I have been training together and run about 3 miles 3 times a week right now. We are also running the Newton Night Crawl 5k and the Susan G Koman 5k this month- WOW!

Chatham is loving his new playmate Hannah (next door) they are so sweet together! The Cul-de-Sac crew have been doing 1 or 2 weekly dinners and it is so nice to have a big group to hang out with. We went to Mellow Mushroom Tuesday and Harper said Mama a few times- I was SO happy!!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head- I have TONS of Chatham-isms to post, but that will have to wait til another post...
He has been learning about China, Italy  the letter L and W- and let me tell you- he remembers/repeats the WEIRDEST things!!!!!