Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

What a BIG weekend we had!!!

 We joined my parents, and sister and her boys in Concord at the Great Wolf Lodge!! We were celebrating my dad's birthday- but I think the kids just thought it was Halloween!

 Upon arrival we were issued our wolf ears and wondered around to see the sights.There were animals and forests everywhere!

We caught the end of story time on our way to the breakfast Saturday morning- and then came back after a morning of swimming to have snacks and watch the whole show.

 In the Cub Club area the October special was that every kid got to paint a pumpkin- Thomas dove right in covering his entire pumpkin in blue; while Chatham took him time painting every color of the rainbow on his pumpkin.

That night Gram and Poppy gave the kids their new trick or treat bags (full of glow sticks, markers, books, and a barbie for Harper!!) Then we travels around the lodge on the "treat trail" to gather candy from the ghouls and witches.
We had a Chef, a Pumpkin, a Knight, and a Dragon in our crew!

 Our favorites were the "pretty-good witch" and the mortician. Chatham even shook her foot!! It was supposedly one from a mummy.

We spent lots of time swimming and going down the slides, but I used my actual camera to take those pictures and will post them later tonight!! For now I am back at work and hoping to catch up on the mounds of laundry waiting for me at home.

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  1. That looks like a fun adventure! I loved the kids' halloween costumes...the knight and dragon especially appealed to me because I have two boys, but your little pumpkin was so cute and sweet! I think we are doing ninja and dragon this year. Evan wanted to be a red ninja like on Ninjago, one of his favorite new shows, and his brother is wearing his old magical dragon costume. At least I only had to buy one new costume this year. :-)