Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life According to my IPhone

We got IPhones last week!! YAY! I am loving how easy it is to snap "good" pictures and upload them. So here is what we've been up to this week. I am going to TRY to do an IPhone dump post at least once a week.
 Here is Harper at daycare- She loves it there!!! Miss Wylona is good about snapping pictures for me so I can see what she does from day to day.

I know I already posted about Nick's skating party- but I love that Chatham has gotten to and age where he will stop and pose for me to snap a picture!
Harper wants so badly to be a big girl- she wants to stand all the time and tries to feed herself so now we give her a spoon to hold while we feed her with a different food. Welcome to the messy baby food stage!
 We stopped at Walmart the other day and a boy and girl (probably in their 30's) were playing the claw/toy machine. They were trying to win something in particular and every time they got something they didn't want they found a kid and gave it to them. Well Chatham was given this Spider Man hat. He has never been a fan of Spider Man or even seen a cartoon of him, but for the last 4 days now he lives in this hat. He takes it off to eat, bathe, and sleep- but puts it somewhere that he can see it while doing those three things. He has hats from GAP and NC State hats- who knew a cheap Spider Man hat out of a machine is what would win his heart! GO SPIDEY!
And here is Harper D (as we affectionately call her) she was sitting right there I took this picture and went to set my phone down- when I turned back around she had scooted to the edge of the pack and play and was pulling herself up and over the edge-EEK! Til to lower the pack and play!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nick turned 7

 Nick's birthday was Saturday and we helped him celebrate at Skateland. Chatham had a ball and while we haven't been to skateland since Nick's sister Cara's birthday (in February) Chatham did seem to have improved.
 Harper hung out with the big girls, Lauren and Mary Grace, while they waited for their mommy's to bring them their skates.
 Phillip and I arranged Chatham and Mary Grace's wedding, while they skated with Dawn and Devin. They are two peas in a pod!!!

 Lauren got a little help from Devin before Lisa took over and took her for a spin. Nick was sweet enough to take a break from speed skating with his buddies to take a picture with Harper- bless his heart his eye was swolen from allergies, he camped out with the boy scouts the night before. But that didn't slow him down a bit!!! Happy 7th birthday Nick, the Donley's love you!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parade Day 2012

 It's that special day again...Old Soliders Reunion Day. The build up is a week of fun- Crusin, Beach Music, Dog Parade, Baby Parade, and Gospel Music. All leading up to Thirsday's BIG event....the parade.
 We cruised the square and grabbed a sno-cone and fresh squeezed lemonade, then went to find our spot under the tree in front of the church.
 We met up with Lisa and Lauren (which has become a much loved tradition!) grabbed some fans, flags, and popcorn and were ready to watch the 90+ minute parade.
 Chatham was NOT a fan of the blown up solider until I let him punch him int he knee to see that he is in fact "made out of a balloon"
 Harper hung out with Daddy people watching as this was her first parade- next year she'll be more into it and get some treats too. It is hard to believe this is Chatham's third parade, I hope he grows up loving this tradition as much as I do!

 Chatham wouldn't sit with me this year- he said "Lisa is my protector" and he hung out on her lap while I bribed Lauren with quarters to let me take her picture.

 The same as last year Chatham's favorite part was the gators, followed with a close second (and new addition to the parade) Dale Earnhardt's Chevrolet racecar.
 I love how patriotic the kids get (and the whole town)- this year Chatham learned a valuable lesson from Paul **take off your hat when saluting soliders** I love that he is becoming a gentleman. He even held the door open at school for Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Nancy last week and say "ladies first"!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun in the Hood

*Pictures do not depict the night we had! They are oldies from this weekend- I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures tonight.
 So, we LOVE our neighborhood and are really starting to get to know (and love) our neighbors. First we spent an hour on the porch chatting with Don and Celeste the other night after both kids manage to be asleep by 8:00. Tonight I was about to do the dishes and Jean Marie and Tim called to see if we wanted to hijack their neighbors (Bob and Joan) golf cart and go for a joy ride around the neighbor hood. WELL OF COURSE WE DO!!!!
So we grab our flip flops and head out the door. After two loops around the hood, Jayden and Hannah are waiting in Tina and Michaels driveway asking for a ride. Devin takes over the driving and we take another spin. Then we all hung out at Tina and Michaels while the girls jumped on the trampoline- Chatham didn't build up enough courage to play with the big girls (they're 7). But he DID find the courage to sit on Michael's motorcycle!!! Needless to say he was in HEAVEN! 
*This picture of Harper is from Lauren's birthday on L's pic John Deere!!! Big Daddy Clyde would be SO proud!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Always on the go

 We have been SO busy lately! Here we are before Church last week- I got Chatham dressed in his room and when we walked into mine and Devin's room they matched, from head to toe!!!

Chatham saw a rabbit in the yard and couldn't seem to look at the camera any longer. We have the sweetest little bunny that hangs out in our yard on cool mornings and evenings. We sit on the porch after dinner a lot and the bunny with jump hop around and eat the grass- no matter how loud Chatham plays.

 Harper LOVES to jump and is spending A LOT of time in the jumper (thanks Chrystal!!)

 This weekend was Evan and Lauren's birthday parties. Evan turned 3 and Lauren turned 5! Chatham wrote out his name in both of their cards, the second H and A are a little hard to make out but I was SO proud of him!!!!
Lisa let me try out some of my Pinterest findings and make apple-popcorn balls, baked apple chips, peach ring necklaces, a paper bag banner, and a school supplies centerpiece. (Lisa got better pictures than I did)

 We (i.e. Paul) cleaned up outside and set up a kiddie pool and slip-n-slide.
 I didn't get a picture of Evan-  but he had a transformmer party at Chuck E Cheese. Chatham is becoming a PRO at the basketball game and car racing game. He didn't even cry when Chuck E. came out to sing.
 I know there are lots of pictures of Chatham in this post, but trust me Harper had a ball too. Lisa got pictures of Harper smashing a cupcake, Suzy lugged her around and smooched on her AND we let her hit some buttons on a game at CEC.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Harper's Room

I don't know if I ever posted final pictures of Harper's room.
 So here it is..... That is the same rocking chair from Chatham's nursery...the same the was in my nursery. I LOVE that chair!!!
 I love the bows that we are starting to collect- Harper wore her first bow two weeks ago *first without a headband.
 I still love her plaques from Hobby Lobby- I could redo her room every month with all the fun stuff in that store!