Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parade Day 2012

 It's that special day again...Old Soliders Reunion Day. The build up is a week of fun- Crusin, Beach Music, Dog Parade, Baby Parade, and Gospel Music. All leading up to Thirsday's BIG event....the parade.
 We cruised the square and grabbed a sno-cone and fresh squeezed lemonade, then went to find our spot under the tree in front of the church.
 We met up with Lisa and Lauren (which has become a much loved tradition!) grabbed some fans, flags, and popcorn and were ready to watch the 90+ minute parade.
 Chatham was NOT a fan of the blown up solider until I let him punch him int he knee to see that he is in fact "made out of a balloon"
 Harper hung out with Daddy people watching as this was her first parade- next year she'll be more into it and get some treats too. It is hard to believe this is Chatham's third parade, I hope he grows up loving this tradition as much as I do!

 Chatham wouldn't sit with me this year- he said "Lisa is my protector" and he hung out on her lap while I bribed Lauren with quarters to let me take her picture.

 The same as last year Chatham's favorite part was the gators, followed with a close second (and new addition to the parade) Dale Earnhardt's Chevrolet racecar.
 I love how patriotic the kids get (and the whole town)- this year Chatham learned a valuable lesson from Paul **take off your hat when saluting soliders** I love that he is becoming a gentleman. He even held the door open at school for Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Nancy last week and say "ladies first"!

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