Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life According to my IPhone

We got IPhones last week!! YAY! I am loving how easy it is to snap "good" pictures and upload them. So here is what we've been up to this week. I am going to TRY to do an IPhone dump post at least once a week.
 Here is Harper at daycare- She loves it there!!! Miss Wylona is good about snapping pictures for me so I can see what she does from day to day.

I know I already posted about Nick's skating party- but I love that Chatham has gotten to and age where he will stop and pose for me to snap a picture!
Harper wants so badly to be a big girl- she wants to stand all the time and tries to feed herself so now we give her a spoon to hold while we feed her with a different food. Welcome to the messy baby food stage!
 We stopped at Walmart the other day and a boy and girl (probably in their 30's) were playing the claw/toy machine. They were trying to win something in particular and every time they got something they didn't want they found a kid and gave it to them. Well Chatham was given this Spider Man hat. He has never been a fan of Spider Man or even seen a cartoon of him, but for the last 4 days now he lives in this hat. He takes it off to eat, bathe, and sleep- but puts it somewhere that he can see it while doing those three things. He has hats from GAP and NC State hats- who knew a cheap Spider Man hat out of a machine is what would win his heart! GO SPIDEY!
And here is Harper D (as we affectionately call her) she was sitting right there I took this picture and went to set my phone down- when I turned back around she had scooted to the edge of the pack and play and was pulling herself up and over the edge-EEK! Til to lower the pack and play!!!!

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