Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SO many birthdays!!

LOTS of birthday celebrations went on this weekend. Jack turned ONE!!! O-M-G, where has the time gone!!!
He wasn't too into the candle and singing- but he LOVED the ice cream cake!
 We had a 'WILD' celebration!!!!

 After the party animals calmed down we pouched up to watch the NC State game.
Saturday we all loaded up and headed to Winston to celebrate Ali's 41st birthday~ What a great day it was being able to celebrate WITH her!!! 

 We did a princess/hello kitty/ALL about ALI theme! I had SO much fun making streamers with pictures of Ali at all different points in her life!
 Harper wore the big crown and was quite the princess all day!
 We all had a great time celebrating and love still having Ali here with us.

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