Wednesday, September 12, 2012

flipping through my Iphone

Harper wore her first pair of Converse to school- they're are pink and I love that we already have a pair for the next 3 shoe sizes in her closet!!

We have been spending a lot of time on the porch! I love that we hang out with all of our neighbors- the Brinkleys, Mingus, Crowders, and Donleys have a cul-de-sac gathering about 3 times a week now and it is SO fun to see the kids run around and the adults chit chat!
Devin and Harper have been doing a lot of cuddling lately- Harper has been running a fever at night because of her teething. I really hope they come in soon, but I think we finally found that ice cubes in the mesh feeder is the best therapy.
Lisa and Lauren came over on Labor Day for a final swim at the Crowder's for the season. They both came such a long was this year with their swimming. Wearing goggles and diving for rings is the new favorite activity. Chatham also perfected his cannon ball this year!

 Lastly... Construction has started next door to build Tiffany and Reggie's new house. We are very happy that they are coming back to the neighborhood, but THIS creature made his way into MY kitchen during the clearing of the lot and I learned I have a paralyzing fear of snakes. It is a Rat Snake and I couldn't even go in the kitchen to help Devin capture/kill it. I had to call Don next door and he came to Devin's aid (with a swiffer)!!


  1. Awww, baby converse are so cute! I thought about getting a pair for Brody, but then I fell in love with the little Sperry's!

  2. I have Sperry's for Chatham now- but little black high top converse are a must have for winter!!!