Friday, September 21, 2012


"I hope you win your race today daddy, because it will make you cry if the other people run faster."

"Miss Becky drives a transfer truck, and when we're not good listeners she makes us sit in the back of it. And only when we start to be good again will she send her little friend out to keep us company." (REALLY!! Maybe I need to look into the discipline methods at Abernethy! J/K)

"You can't have that one it's a boy color- go ahead and get the purple one" (said when picking out kitchen gadgets at Target)

"Maybe she meant to give one of them to Harper, but she's too little, so I'll just eat it for her" (said when a coworker of mine gave him TWO boxes of candy)

"Only boy's can be chefs" and "Maybe my chef can be a transformer chef" (said when selecting our Halloween costumes)

*Chatham escorted Don and Celeste to the garage to remove their shoes when they came over for dinner. (we only make Chatham take his shoes off to come inside- but they happily obliged)

"I am a super hood puller upper"

"I'm going to hug you and never let you go" (said after our prayers one night)

""My name doesn't make the 'eeerrrr' sound" (said when I wrote CRD in the sand at the beach)

"You are my bestest buddy, but don't tell daddy because he's my bestest buddy too"

"Crispy can't sleep in my new big boy bed, because she's a girl" (Crispy is our elf) *about 10 minutes later as he has sneaked out of bed and brought Crispy back in with him* "Maybe she doesn't count as a girl"

C: "I want to go to Gram's"  M: "Gram's not home right now" C: "Yes she is, she sits on her porch and waits for me" M: "Yes, she does when she knows you're coming over, but she's not there right now" C: "Well then let me call her, I will tell her I am coming"

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