Monday, September 10, 2012

Science Center

We went to the Science Center Saturday morning and Lauren & Chatham had a ball (so did Harper)! Look at all that drool on her shirt! I sure do hope her teeth pop out soon, she is miserable, but really she is just so happy you'd hardly know the pain she's in.
The big kids played house (in the barn) and the "Treehouse Room" as I call it was definitely everyone's favorite.

Devin took Harper up the pulley chair, and Lisa wasn't going to be shown up by a man and his baby.....

I love this picture- Lisa's hand is in the back and Chatham's is in the front!

Watch out Transformers, Power Rangers, and Spiderman there's a new superhero in town....It's Turtleboy!!

The aquarium was a big hit, as always- man I love these kiddos!!! I am one lucky mam!!

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