Monday, September 24, 2012

ABC's of Chatham

No good pictures happen when Chuggington is on!

Age: 3 and 1/2 

Bed size: twin

Chore you hate: cleaning the playroom

Dog's name: I have a play doggy (wooden with a string to pull him) that I call "pay-pay"

Essential item to start your day: eating a banana while watching cartoons is the ONLY way I'll start my day.

Favorite color: Green, but lately I say Red when asked this question- and when I filled out my all about me book at school I decided it would be blue that day. 

Gold or Silver: Like Gold de bloons?!?!? I 

Height: 60-30 was the response Chatham gave. (40ish inches?)

Instruments you play: I love to play my Poppy's "plano"- I also like my guitar at home 

Job title: Preschool Student, Big Brother, Son

Key to a Happy Life: NAP!

Living arrangements: I live with my Mommy, Daddy, and Harper 

Mom's name: Mommy or Carrie 

Nicknames: C-weed 

Overnight hospital stay: 6 days at birth 

Pet Peeve: When I have to clean up Harper's messes or when Mommy and Daddy make me go to bed in the middle of playing something really fun. 

Quote from a movie: "Way to Go Wilson"- from Chuggington, or "let's GO GO GO"- from Dora

Right or left handed: right. 

Siblings: Harper, my little sister 

Time you wake up: Mommy and Daddy wake me up about 6:15 on school days, but on Saturday and Sunday I'll sleep until around 7.

Underwear: I still need my pull up at night- although it's NEVER wet, I just feel more comfortable in it. Otherwise, my motorcycle undies are my favorites. 

Vegetable you dislike: I don't like mushrooms AT ALL. Other than that I'll eat about anything.

Ways/Reasons you run late: I run late if Mommy is running late, but usually she's late because I refuse to go potty or put on my shoes. 

X-rays you've had: Chest x-ray when I had RSV when I was about 16 months old. 

Yummy food you like to eat: I love chicken dipped in ranch (who am I kidding I like ANYTHING dipped in ranch) I like pop tarts, icy pops, and tomatoes (cherry tomatoes to be exact!) 

Zoo animals you like: I haven't been to the real zoo, but I've been to the science center, 2 different aquariums, Zootastic, and Alligator Adventure. I seem to really enjoy turtles, lemurs, and octupus


  1. Awww, I love this! Evan and Chatham seem to have a lot in common. Evan used to start everyday with a banana, but I guess he got tired of them. *Sigh* I also see Chatham likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates too (the gold answer). Also, they both seem to be indecisive about their favorite colors. Ha!