Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ABC's of Harper

The only way I could get her to look at me was to give her the paci!

Age: 8 and 1/2 months

Bed size: Crib

Chore you hate: having my diaper changes- I do not like laying on my back

Dog's name: I don't have one, but I love Aunt Mam's BIG dogs Jack and Max!

Essential item to start your day: a bottle and snuggle time.

Favorite color: I don't really care about colors...but I seem to wear a lot of pink

Gold or Silver: What is this stuff of which you speak?

Height: My guess would be about 30 inches

Instruments you play: I like to beat on the table or my highchair like a drum.

Job title: Baby, Little Sister

Key to a Happy Life: A full belly, and plenty of nap time

Living arrangements: I live with my Mommy, Daddy, and big brother, Chatham.

Mom's name: I don't know- I only say Dada right now.

Nicknames: Harps, Harper D, Sweet Potato

Overnight hospital stay: 2 nights at birth

Pet Peeve: Riding in my car seat when I'm hungry.

Quote from a movie: Movie...what's that?

Right or left handed: Right...Left...whichever one is available for shoving food into my mouth.

Siblings: An older brother, Chatham

Time you wake up: Normally I get up about 3 for a bottle then will go back to sleep until 7:00. But lately I have been sleeping through the night and will get up at 6:00. I got to sleep about 8:30, but Mommy and Daddy wake me up at 10:00 for one last bottle.

Underwear: I just wear diapers.

Vegetable you dislike: I like peas, and squash, and mixed/garden veggies- but for whatever reason I don't like green beans unless they're mixed with something else. (like applesauce)

Ways/Reasons I run late: If Mommy and Daddy are running late, but if it's my fault it's usually an unexpected diaper change.

X-rays you've had: None

Yummy food you like to eat: I like everything! But my favorite this is apple/strawberry puffs. I like apple juice more than white grape juice, but I also LOVE the new peach and mango smooth food mommy serves me.

Zoo animals you like: I got tickles watching the fish at the science center, but I really liked the bob cat at Alligator Adventure.

Monday, September 24, 2012

ABC's of Chatham

No good pictures happen when Chuggington is on!

Age: 3 and 1/2 

Bed size: twin

Chore you hate: cleaning the playroom

Dog's name: I have a play doggy (wooden with a string to pull him) that I call "pay-pay"

Essential item to start your day: eating a banana while watching cartoons is the ONLY way I'll start my day.

Favorite color: Green, but lately I say Red when asked this question- and when I filled out my all about me book at school I decided it would be blue that day. 

Gold or Silver: Like Gold de bloons?!?!? I 

Height: 60-30 was the response Chatham gave. (40ish inches?)

Instruments you play: I love to play my Poppy's "plano"- I also like my guitar at home 

Job title: Preschool Student, Big Brother, Son

Key to a Happy Life: NAP!

Living arrangements: I live with my Mommy, Daddy, and Harper 

Mom's name: Mommy or Carrie 

Nicknames: C-weed 

Overnight hospital stay: 6 days at birth 

Pet Peeve: When I have to clean up Harper's messes or when Mommy and Daddy make me go to bed in the middle of playing something really fun. 

Quote from a movie: "Way to Go Wilson"- from Chuggington, or "let's GO GO GO"- from Dora

Right or left handed: right. 

Siblings: Harper, my little sister 

Time you wake up: Mommy and Daddy wake me up about 6:15 on school days, but on Saturday and Sunday I'll sleep until around 7.

Underwear: I still need my pull up at night- although it's NEVER wet, I just feel more comfortable in it. Otherwise, my motorcycle undies are my favorites. 

Vegetable you dislike: I don't like mushrooms AT ALL. Other than that I'll eat about anything.

Ways/Reasons you run late: I run late if Mommy is running late, but usually she's late because I refuse to go potty or put on my shoes. 

X-rays you've had: Chest x-ray when I had RSV when I was about 16 months old. 

Yummy food you like to eat: I love chicken dipped in ranch (who am I kidding I like ANYTHING dipped in ranch) I like pop tarts, icy pops, and tomatoes (cherry tomatoes to be exact!) 

Zoo animals you like: I haven't been to the real zoo, but I've been to the science center, 2 different aquariums, Zootastic, and Alligator Adventure. I seem to really enjoy turtles, lemurs, and octupus

Friday, September 21, 2012


"I hope you win your race today daddy, because it will make you cry if the other people run faster."

"Miss Becky drives a transfer truck, and when we're not good listeners she makes us sit in the back of it. And only when we start to be good again will she send her little friend out to keep us company." (REALLY!! Maybe I need to look into the discipline methods at Abernethy! J/K)

"You can't have that one it's a boy color- go ahead and get the purple one" (said when picking out kitchen gadgets at Target)

"Maybe she meant to give one of them to Harper, but she's too little, so I'll just eat it for her" (said when a coworker of mine gave him TWO boxes of candy)

"Only boy's can be chefs" and "Maybe my chef can be a transformer chef" (said when selecting our Halloween costumes)

*Chatham escorted Don and Celeste to the garage to remove their shoes when they came over for dinner. (we only make Chatham take his shoes off to come inside- but they happily obliged)

"I am a super hood puller upper"

"I'm going to hug you and never let you go" (said after our prayers one night)

""My name doesn't make the 'eeerrrr' sound" (said when I wrote CRD in the sand at the beach)

"You are my bestest buddy, but don't tell daddy because he's my bestest buddy too"

"Crispy can't sleep in my new big boy bed, because she's a girl" (Crispy is our elf) *about 10 minutes later as he has sneaked out of bed and brought Crispy back in with him* "Maybe she doesn't count as a girl"

C: "I want to go to Gram's"  M: "Gram's not home right now" C: "Yes she is, she sits on her porch and waits for me" M: "Yes, she does when she knows you're coming over, but she's not there right now" C: "Well then let me call her, I will tell her I am coming"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alligator Adventure

Chatham has decided he wants an albino alligator for Christmas- I THINK NOT!
This picture was staged by Chatham, girls with the girl statue- boy with the boy statue.
We loved the Lemurs, the were all snuggled up back to front with tails sticking straight up- I wish the picture was better!
These little guys would stick there tongues out at you and then jump up and down to swing the basket back and forth- TOO CUTE!

Beach Post 2

This post is all the Sand pictures- we buried each other in the sand, made sand castles, drizzle castles, and jumped waves for nearly 2 hours! (that's a long time for a three and a half & eight month old)

We had quite the set up with our wagon, chair, and umbrella. But Chatham liked running back and forth to the ocean more so than laying out and soaking up the sun.

Chatham and I went back out the ocean to search for Ocho (remember Ocho the Octopus from VBS this year). Sadly there were no Ocho sightings, but C decided that was because Ocho and his friends were having a party way, way under the waves.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beach Post 1

What a fun trip we had. There is almost too much to post, so I am just going to post a TON of pictures. The swimming pools were a bit cold, but definitely a favorite for us!
Harper tried LOTS of new foods while we were there- hushpuppies, chocolate chip cookies, sweet potato fries, regular fries, and carrots.
We did head out to the beach (once as a family, and once just me and C) but we always ended up back at the pools. There are 3 outdoor pools, 2 indoor pools, 2 lazy rivers, and 6 hot tubs at the resort we stay at. We hit all 5 pools, 3 hot tubs, 1 lazy river, and the ocean!! That's A LOT of water!!

We walked around Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot landing and took many of the tourist-y pictures. Chatham loved the pirate, but the monster truck ride at the Tanger Outlets probably tops his list.
Devin and I did take one picture together to commemorate our 5 year anniversary- I can't believe it's been five years!!!
This is the Wyndham we stayed at- and that is Chatham in the bottom left corner- I think it looks SO big from this angle.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

flipping through my Iphone

Harper wore her first pair of Converse to school- they're are pink and I love that we already have a pair for the next 3 shoe sizes in her closet!!

We have been spending a lot of time on the porch! I love that we hang out with all of our neighbors- the Brinkleys, Mingus, Crowders, and Donleys have a cul-de-sac gathering about 3 times a week now and it is SO fun to see the kids run around and the adults chit chat!
Devin and Harper have been doing a lot of cuddling lately- Harper has been running a fever at night because of her teething. I really hope they come in soon, but I think we finally found that ice cubes in the mesh feeder is the best therapy.
Lisa and Lauren came over on Labor Day for a final swim at the Crowder's for the season. They both came such a long was this year with their swimming. Wearing goggles and diving for rings is the new favorite activity. Chatham also perfected his cannon ball this year!

 Lastly... Construction has started next door to build Tiffany and Reggie's new house. We are very happy that they are coming back to the neighborhood, but THIS creature made his way into MY kitchen during the clearing of the lot and I learned I have a paralyzing fear of snakes. It is a Rat Snake and I couldn't even go in the kitchen to help Devin capture/kill it. I had to call Don next door and he came to Devin's aid (with a swiffer)!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Science Center

We went to the Science Center Saturday morning and Lauren & Chatham had a ball (so did Harper)! Look at all that drool on her shirt! I sure do hope her teeth pop out soon, she is miserable, but really she is just so happy you'd hardly know the pain she's in.
The big kids played house (in the barn) and the "Treehouse Room" as I call it was definitely everyone's favorite.

Devin took Harper up the pulley chair, and Lisa wasn't going to be shown up by a man and his baby.....

I love this picture- Lisa's hand is in the back and Chatham's is in the front!

Watch out Transformers, Power Rangers, and Spiderman there's a new superhero in town....It's Turtleboy!!

The aquarium was a big hit, as always- man I love these kiddos!!! I am one lucky mam!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liebster Award

So Abby was so kind and gave me the Liebster Award (like two weeks ago) and I am SO slack that I typed this out the day she gave it to me and then never came up with new questions, or random facts, or tagged people. And now I can't even find where I saved the little blurb about what this award is and what I'm supposed to do and all that jazz. So......

So that Abby doesn't think I am unappreciative or rude: here is what I got.....

1. Where did you grow up? We moved to NC when I was 3 and I lived in 3 houses all in the same neighborhood (two right next door to each other)

2. What is something you want to do/accomplish before you die? I have a bucket list in progress- one of the things on it is to go overseas

3. What is your greatest fear?  losing one of my children.

4. Are you closer to your mother or father? My mother

5. How many US States have you been to? 13 that I can think of off the top of my head- maybe 1 or 2 more.

6. What is one of your best talents? I like to think being a friend is a good talent of mine.

7. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About 15-20 minutes.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I will be a mother of a teenager and probably full on into extracurricular activities. I can’t wait- I was meant to be a “soccer mom”

9. What is a movie you could watch over and over? Love Story or Dirty Dancing I am sure I’ve watched both over 50 times

10. What is your favorite breakfast food? I love omelets stuffed with veggies11. What is something that really gets on your nerves? People being late, I am notorious for being five minutes early to everything

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SO many birthdays!!

LOTS of birthday celebrations went on this weekend. Jack turned ONE!!! O-M-G, where has the time gone!!!
He wasn't too into the candle and singing- but he LOVED the ice cream cake!
 We had a 'WILD' celebration!!!!

 After the party animals calmed down we pouched up to watch the NC State game.
Saturday we all loaded up and headed to Winston to celebrate Ali's 41st birthday~ What a great day it was being able to celebrate WITH her!!! 

 We did a princess/hello kitty/ALL about ALI theme! I had SO much fun making streamers with pictures of Ali at all different points in her life!
 Harper wore the big crown and was quite the princess all day!
 We all had a great time celebrating and love still having Ali here with us.