Saturday, August 11, 2012

Always on the go

 We have been SO busy lately! Here we are before Church last week- I got Chatham dressed in his room and when we walked into mine and Devin's room they matched, from head to toe!!!

Chatham saw a rabbit in the yard and couldn't seem to look at the camera any longer. We have the sweetest little bunny that hangs out in our yard on cool mornings and evenings. We sit on the porch after dinner a lot and the bunny with jump hop around and eat the grass- no matter how loud Chatham plays.

 Harper LOVES to jump and is spending A LOT of time in the jumper (thanks Chrystal!!)

 This weekend was Evan and Lauren's birthday parties. Evan turned 3 and Lauren turned 5! Chatham wrote out his name in both of their cards, the second H and A are a little hard to make out but I was SO proud of him!!!!
Lisa let me try out some of my Pinterest findings and make apple-popcorn balls, baked apple chips, peach ring necklaces, a paper bag banner, and a school supplies centerpiece. (Lisa got better pictures than I did)

 We (i.e. Paul) cleaned up outside and set up a kiddie pool and slip-n-slide.
 I didn't get a picture of Evan-  but he had a transformmer party at Chuck E Cheese. Chatham is becoming a PRO at the basketball game and car racing game. He didn't even cry when Chuck E. came out to sing.
 I know there are lots of pictures of Chatham in this post, but trust me Harper had a ball too. Lisa got pictures of Harper smashing a cupcake, Suzy lugged her around and smooched on her AND we let her hit some buttons on a game at CEC.

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