Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun in the Hood

*Pictures do not depict the night we had! They are oldies from this weekend- I was having too much fun to stop and take pictures tonight.
 So, we LOVE our neighborhood and are really starting to get to know (and love) our neighbors. First we spent an hour on the porch chatting with Don and Celeste the other night after both kids manage to be asleep by 8:00. Tonight I was about to do the dishes and Jean Marie and Tim called to see if we wanted to hijack their neighbors (Bob and Joan) golf cart and go for a joy ride around the neighbor hood. WELL OF COURSE WE DO!!!!
So we grab our flip flops and head out the door. After two loops around the hood, Jayden and Hannah are waiting in Tina and Michaels driveway asking for a ride. Devin takes over the driving and we take another spin. Then we all hung out at Tina and Michaels while the girls jumped on the trampoline- Chatham didn't build up enough courage to play with the big girls (they're 7). But he DID find the courage to sit on Michael's motorcycle!!! Needless to say he was in HEAVEN! 
*This picture of Harper is from Lauren's birthday on L's pic John Deere!!! Big Daddy Clyde would be SO proud!!!!

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  1. It is great having lots of kids on our cul-de-sac street and knowing all of the neighbors. We are lucky to have that too!:)