Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nick turned 7

 Nick's birthday was Saturday and we helped him celebrate at Skateland. Chatham had a ball and while we haven't been to skateland since Nick's sister Cara's birthday (in February) Chatham did seem to have improved.
 Harper hung out with the big girls, Lauren and Mary Grace, while they waited for their mommy's to bring them their skates.
 Phillip and I arranged Chatham and Mary Grace's wedding, while they skated with Dawn and Devin. They are two peas in a pod!!!

 Lauren got a little help from Devin before Lisa took over and took her for a spin. Nick was sweet enough to take a break from speed skating with his buddies to take a picture with Harper- bless his heart his eye was swolen from allergies, he camped out with the boy scouts the night before. But that didn't slow him down a bit!!! Happy 7th birthday Nick, the Donley's love you!!!!!

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