Saturday, June 1, 2013


It's baseball season, or in our case t-ball season. This year Devin is coaching Chatham's team, the Yankees (much to his dismay- since he's a Red Sox fan).
 Chatham is having fun, although he has made it clear that he prefers soccer. He is one of the fastest runs when he circles the bases though. And there is a MIGHTY cute ball girl that hangs out with the team!
 She's partial to the coach!

 Here are some of the players, lining up for the prayer.
 Chatham was a natural, who taught him these stances?? I didn't see that in practice!
 I think his facial expressions while running are just GREAT! He gets SO excited and really goes fast! After some wiffs in practice I was a little nervous of how he would hit in front of a crowd at a game. I have NOTHING to worry about- he nailed it, first swing!

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