Thursday, May 30, 2013

A walk in the park

These first two pictures have nothing to do with our walk in the park. Devin took the picture of me and the babies before T-ball on Saturday. I love that everyone is looking and smiling- well almost, Maggie saw a squirrel.
 While taking the trash out I happened to look up and the Good Year Blimp was flying RIGHT OVER our house! It apparently was giving rides from the Hickory airport over the lake and back. It flew over us at least 30 times that day. Chatham grabs his "noculers" and sat on the porch watching it.

 Ok- now for our walk in the park!

 Harper wasn't thrilled about having to ride in her stroller, so she opted to push it herself.
 I love this picture, it finally looks like Maggie is smiling- she is so happy being outside.

We enjoyed the monkey bars and slides- Harper thinks she is big stuff and tries to climb everything her brother does- giving this Mama a heart attack!
Chatham brought his bike and cruised the trails- he is a PRO without training wheels now!

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