Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The BIG 3-0

 We started Memorial Day Weekend outdoors- Tball practice and playing at Gram and Poppy's. Harper's new trick is to "show her muscles" and it is SO cute because she growls while she does it.

 My parents and Devin put together a GREAT 30th birthday party for me. The kids  had Lauren over to spend the night (so her mommy could party with me) and Miss Wylona  (aka Lo-Lo in my house) came over to babysit. When I opened the door and Harper saw her she stretched her arms out and RAN to greet her! That made it MUCH easier to leave her.
We had a shrimp boil at my parents and hung out on the back porch!

 We are a good looking bunch if I do say so myself!!We drank and ate and it was fun to hear stories shared for old friends to new! I am very excited to see what my 30's have in store for me (the 20's were pretty great!) In my 20's I got married, bought my 1st and 2nd house, had two babies, and graduated from college.
Sunday was the family party in Winston at Aunt Mam's the kids swam and played cars and batman. We grilled burgers and dogs and had WONDERFUL Dewey's Cupcakes!
 It is so nice to have a birthday on Memorial Day Weekend- because then you can snooze the day away on Monday to make up for all the activities!! Maggie was worn out for so much pool time and hanging out with Saber (our neighbors dog).

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  1. Happy 30th Birthday! I am sure your 30's will be just as fun as your 20's. And like you, I love when my birthday falls on the holiday weekend (Labor Day for me) so I can get that extra sleeping in time...of course, that depends on the kids though. :-)