Sunday, January 15, 2012


Harper Annabeth has joined to world!
What a sight it was....

We got to the hospital at 5:30 Friday morning and were prepped and in the OR at 7:30.
7 lbs. 10 oz., 20 1/4 inches long- a head full of black hair and dark eyes. She is SUCH a beautiful baby!!!

Harper is so tiny, even though she weighs nearly a pound heavier than Chatham did at birth, and I just love to snuggle her.

She is a great sleeper and is breastfeeding like a champ! Now we just wait for my milk to come in and hope it continues to be smooth sailing.

Pictures of Chatham and Harper are yet to come, he was not thrilled with the hospital experience and the only pictures we got of them meeting are on my phone (or one with her feeding and not visible int he actual picture).

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