Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Art of Giving

Nobody knows how to give the perfect gift like a sibling... This pregnancy my sister got me a GREAT diaper bag- I planned on using the same bag I did for Chatham, but my sister KNEW I needed this other bag! Well Harper is already carrying on the art of giving.

Harper came with a bike! Chatham was exstatic- after some close inspection, the bike is a keeper.

Luckily it has been unseasonably warm for January, and Devin was able to take Chatham to the park to learn to ride.

Other than a fear of hills, going to fast, the ducks flapping to close and the dog that was about a mile away- he did GREAT!!!

And don't worry- Chatham got Harper a few books with his Barnes and Noble gift card he got at Christmas. So they are both benefiting for the giving gene!

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