Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Sunny MLK, jr. Day

Harper has LOVED her birthday present. Paul and Devin built her a dress up box and we got her all kinds of cool stuff to play with- wands, crowns, bags, boas, tutus, and princess dresses!!

On MLK day we were all off and spent as much time inside as we could, but it was SO pretty that we needed out! There is a new park in town and it is SO sad that we have this park (because Zahra Baker was abused and murdered) but it is SUCH a neat park and a great tribute to her.
 We picked up Lauren to give her Mom and Dad some time to get some house projects done. Tina and Hannah were needing out too, so they met us at Zahra's Park.
 This park was AH-mazing! They had SO many things to do, and it was so big it didn't even seem crowded. There is lots to climb, spin, swing and slide.
 Of course they HATED when I would make them stop long enough for a picture. But as soon as it clicked they were gone again. They talked to whole way home about how much they liked the park. The BIGGEST hit was the slide- it is HUGE!
 Harper would crawl up the side of the hill (instead of taking the stairs) to get back to the slide- she LOVED it. and it is pretty fast! They had all sorts of orbs and twisty turny things that I don't even know what to call them.

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  1. Wow! That park does look awesome. It would is sad but what a wonderful legacy for her to provide a fun place for other children to play. I wish she could enjoy it, but I bet she is in spirit.