Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Things

I have developed a MAJOR sweet tooth- it started when I was pregnant with Harper, and just never went away.
 I am always making cookies- and Chatham has loved helping me pick out the treats to put in them. The ones baking above are m&m and butterscotch chip cookies- they were DELISH!
On Superbowl Sunday we had some friends over and I just so happen to be driving by Krispy Kreme when the hot and ready light was on! I had been craving donuts for nearly 2 weeks and finally caved. They were just as good as I had hoped. (I snapped this picture at a stop light and love how baby Sally is peeking out of the diaper bag like she's eyeing the donuts!)
We had a Cupcake/Sweet Shop birthday party to go to also- Harper's Bestie Alee turned 1 on Feb. 5th and had a cute candy shop party at Abernethy Church.


  1. Hmmm, cookies and to a hungry pregnant lady's ears! You started a craving, Missie! :-P

  2. Happy to help! :) How is little Miss doing? I hope you're working on that name reveal post!!