Friday, February 8, 2013

Passenger Hunt

Chatham has been very well behaved lately- remembering his please and thank yous; doing what he's told when he's asked. I love what a young man he's becoming. Devin and I decided to reward this good behavior with a treat!
 I had a little scavenger hunt (known by Chatham as a passenger hunt)- and when he got home from school Wednesday there was a note on the front door that told him to go in. Just inside was another note, and another, and another- finally he made his way to the garage and found this......
 Anyone that knows Chatham, knows he has BEGGED for a Gator for every birthday, Christmas  Easter, any  Holiday for the last two years. His face was PRICELESS when he opened the door (I have that picture on the big camera, but this iPhone pic will do for now. He immediately went and picked up Hannah and they drove all over the neighborhood for nearly an hour!
Harper did go for a short ride int he bed of the Gator (with mommy holding on to her) but was perfectly content sitting in her own little ride, beeping the horn.

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  1. Oh how fun! I think I am going to have get on craigslist and try to find some kind of car for my little man because he seriously loves any kind of car. Oh boy! :-)