Monday, January 14, 2013

Harper turns one!!!

 Friday night Devin took Chatham to Monster Jam in Charlotte. Chatham was IN HEAVEN! Gravedigger was there! And his friends Thrasher and Monster Mutt (he was a huge hit). Chatham talked about the dirt bikes as much as he did the trucks. I am so glad he liked it!!
 Chatham went to Monster Jam as a treat because the rest of the weekend was all about Harper!!!! Saturday we had her Harper in One-derland party! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.
 We made Mad Hatter crafts and rode laps on the ride-ons.
 Harper's teacher Mrs. Shelley made her this cute tu-tu to wear, so in true girly-girl fashion we had a wardrobe change at the party.
 Paul made DELICIOUS cupcakes and a smash cake for Harper. I remember having to help Chatham with his smash cake, but Harper dug right in.

 I painted my old high chair pink, white, purple, and green for the occasion. It turn out really cute.
 Harper was worn out after her party and slept like a baby that night- waking up a toddler is hard work!!
Sunday, Harper's actual birthday, we just hung around the house and opened some gifts. Devin and Paul made a dress up box (pics to come) and Don and Celeste brought over a CUTE heart outfit for Miss H! Paul brought over the redneck truck to help Devin paint the shed he got for Christmas and Chatham, Hannah, and Lauren thought it was their own monster truck!!
Happy Birthday Harper Annabeth!! You have made the last year SO fun!! I love being your Mommy!!!

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  1. Awww, what a sweet adorable party fit for a princess! Happy Birthday, Harper!