Friday, January 4, 2013

It's always something

Harper said good by to 2012 and also to bottles and formula!  Hello turning 1, drinking whole milk and toting around a sippy cup!
 I love piling up on the couch to read our night-night stories. Harper is starting to sit a bit more still while we read. But she only lasts through one book- where Chatham begs for three or four each night.

 With Harper's party plans in full swing I have been making LOTS of trips to Hobby Lobby and have started dragging Lisa and Lauren along with us. The kids had fun foam fighting in the craft aisle!
One thing I LOVED about this Christmas break was going out to eat with the neighbors. We made  it to Mellow Mushroom, Backstreets, and Outback!!! YUM! I am going to go broke and get fat if we keep this up! Here's to New Years Goals!!

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