Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Second Trimester!

Here we are at Week 14 (as of tomorrow)! So what we're told is that the nausea and fatigue should start to subside!! (HOORAY!!!) The hunger will stay the same for the most part, presistant- and the potty breaks will continue to be every 10-20 minutes.
On a VERY happy note- we're going to a bridal shower tomorrow at Catawba Women's Center (my dr. office). One of our good friends who happens to work there is getting married this month. ( YAY AMANDA!!!) So, anyway- while were there we figured we might as well take a little looksey to see what's going on on the inside. Hopefully Baby Donley will be rather active tomorrow and let us know if it's a boy or girl.
From the poll that we've taken it is popular opinion that this baby is a girl. But Devin is still holding strong for a boy. We'll let you know tomorrow. We should know about 5:15; but we won't be able to post until after the shower. Sorry to make you wait!!!!

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