Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sick Day

*Poor picture quality- all from my phone

Obviously I haven't gotten around to putting up the rest of the Museum pictures. I have been home nursing my sick baby boy. With Popsicles for breakfast, and lunchtime while watching Elmo he is feeling much better now.

He even went through my closet and tried on some accessories hoping to go back to school Friday. I will take him to school, but the beach hat will be staying home.

This is a little too closer for my liking- but Chatham's new thing is to hand me my cell phone and say "cheese mommy" so I have LOTS of up close and personal pictures of him now.

Other noteworthy Chatham-isms:
*When he gets mad or frustrated he will scrunch up his nose and pucker his lips. (I am trying to get a picture of it)
*Everything is MINE and NO- we're working on "May I" and "Please"
*He says "tank ew, mommy/daddy" all the time- if you hug him or hand him something.
*He LOVES to color and is getting better about distinguishing different colors- but mostly everything is still red.

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