Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's my Party....

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY CHATHAM! Mrs. Nicola made C this CUTE Ice Cream shirt for his party! We had an ice cream social at church and EVERYONE came!

Chatham LOVED getting to see Addy over the weekend- He asked for her at church on Sunday again- they are BEST BUDS!

We did Dot-Dot art and made ice cream magnets

And Paul made YUMMY cupcakes- he baked the cake part INSIDE the icecream cone and then added icing on top! SO CUTE- and SO YUMMY (Chatham ate 3!!!)

Then came presents....

that was an adventure- EVERYONE wanted to help.

Over all it was a GREAT time- and Chatham loved having all of his favorite people in one room to celebrate!

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