Monday, October 24, 2011

pumpkin carving at its finest

Chatham was very excited to have his friends over to paint and carve pumpkins with us Sunday.

This year we continued our tradition of dinner and carving with the Cadwallader's and added the Wade's to our mix.

Lauren and Chatham opted to paint their pumpkins- Cara and Harrison just ran around after they deseeded theirs- and Nick joined the adult clan in true carving this year!

It took me an extra day to finish my ghosty pumpkin- but I love it so it was worth the work.

Chatham loved the green paint- that unfortunately looks yellow in these pictures.

And Devin did the scream face on his pumpkin (which Chatham tore the left eye off of the following day) but we got some good pictures and had a lot of fun with our friends!

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