Saturday, March 15, 2014

HELLO?!?!?!....anyone still out there??

I have been looking a back at this blog and love all of the sweet times I have been able to capture while Chatham and Harper are growing. I kind of hate I missed such a large chunk of Harper's baby years- but I am back! Hopefully on a regular basis!!
 I mean LOOK at how big she has gotten!! Chatham is about to start KINDERGARTEN!!! If I don't start writing things down again I am never going to remember all of the silliness we are living!!
 We celebrated visiting Clyde Campbell for the first time with Chatham, that is where he will start kindergarten this Fall!! He has done the doctor visit screening and passes with flying colors (minus the fact that the patch in his ear has three SMALL tears in it). He passed his hearing and seeing test, and even got 2 out of 5 on the depth perception chart (which is above average for his age).
 Sweet Frog is our go to place for celebrations!!

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  1. Can you believe how fast these kids grow up? Sigh. I feel like their childhood is just speeding by, and I am trying all I can to slow it down and soak up every minute. I know Chatham will just love kindergarten!