Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kindergarten Round Up

Monday we took Chatham to Kindergarten Round Up. At Clyde Campbell, it really a parent orientation, but you bring your rising Kinder and they get to spend a few hours with the TAs in the Kinder classrooms and on the playground. I have asked and asked what Chatham and the other kids did- but the only info Chatham gives is "the playground has a rocket ship, and you can climb on the hood", "I played fireman with a boy named Zack", and "the teachers name was Miss Pickles". WELL, I'm glad he had fun on the playground but WHAT ABOUT THE CLASSROOMS! and just for the record "Miss Pickles" is actual a teacher assistant named Mrs. Peppers! My kid cracks me up!!!!

All in all, it was very good for us to go- Devin got to see his old elementary school and show me around, I feel much more at ease about letting Chatham go (there were NO tears!!!!), and Chatham is SO excited to start BIG school in the Fall. Now we go back in two weeks for his Dial Screening- EEK!

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  1. Awww, I know how hard it is preparing to send your first baby to big school! And compared to my kid, Chatham gave you a very good description of his day. I am lucky if I can drag one sentence out of Evan, and it is usually about what he ate for lunch. I asked him what he did for field day this week, and he said he couldn't remember but they did a lot. I asked him to just tell me one event, and he said "I kicked a soccer ball into a goal." Ha! Looks like you will get a slightly better picture of Chatham's school days than that. :-)