Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We've got a kicker!

Well Saturday (11/29/08) Devin was able to feel Chatham kicking for the first time. It's still pretty faint- but it is the most amazing feeling. Orange Juice makes him the most active, and Devin is now hooked, after dinner I lay on the couch and he just puts his hand on my tummy for hours waiting to feel our little boys feet.
He pressed his heel (or at least what we think was his heel) against Devin's palm on Sunday. Dev's face was PRICELESS!!!!!
Just wanted to share. I have another appointment on Thursday. We'll have another ultrasound and I will do better to post them on Thursday. Last months weren't that great, so we skipped adding them. Also the belly has grow a little this week (I'll be 23 weeks Thursday) so maybe this weekend Devin will take a belly picture infront of the Christmas tree!

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