Monday, December 29, 2008

Last week of Second Trimester!

Chatham had a VERY good Christmas, he must be a very good boy already! This is his diaper bag (and yes that brings the count to 3 now!) **don't worry the bows come off easily for Devin to be a bit more masculine. He also got a sign for his room that says "Love you to the moon and back" It's from Gram- my mom said that to my sister and I growing up and now she'll say it to her grandson. He got a new onesie and a huntin' hat from his Grandad; and a bouncey seat from his Nana and Papa John. Auntie Amby got him a rocking horse with a bandana with CRD on it!!!! There was MUCH more, but you'll have to wait til he's here to fashion it himself.

Chatham's Godparents- Alice and Curtis came down to visit and they are just as excited as we are to meet THE BEAN!!!

This is Mama at 25 weeks and 3 days!! (12/21/08)

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